Project Chesed

Project Chesed

There are literally thousands of people whose lives have been changed by Project Chesed initiatives.

Project Chesed focuses on acts of loving kindness and the principle of Tikkun Olam (Healing the world). This involves projects and campaigns which encourage our members to engage in projects that will make a positive difference to the wider Jewish community and beyond.

In the past few years, Project Chesed has introduced a number of innovative campaigns which have attracted hundreds of volunteers from within the United Synagogue. These include:

  • Organising first aid and emergency life support skills for dozens of communities.
  • An ongoing blood donor campaign where life saving blood donations have been made by members of the Jewish community.
  • Collections in support of a variety of charities including,  books and toys for impoverished children in the Philippines, collections of shoes and football kits (for children in Africa), winter clothing (for Jews living in poverty in Eastern Europe), chametz for the homeless (for local homeless hostels), glasses (for the developing world) and old mobile phones (to help raise money for our work).
  • A joint project with Kisharon in which young adults from Kisharon help the United Synagogue’s communities by polishing the silver on the Sifrei Torah and other Judaica.
  • Cooking for homeless people as part of the winter homelessness project.
  • A joint shopping day with GIFT to provide food for needy Jewish families.
  • Assisting in campaigns such as Spit 4 Mum to help people in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant. 

Project Chesed also works with communities on their local Mitzvah Day projects.

If you are looking for practical Chesed ideas yourself or want to get involved, please contact Michelle Minsky, Head of US Chesed on 020 8343 5688.

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