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Making our Silver Shine
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Friday 19th September 2014

US Chesed teamed up with Kisharon in the run up to the High Holy Days to provide a silver-polishing service to United Synagogue communities. To look at its best the beautiful ceremonial silverware used in synagogues needs to be cleaned and polished and with so much going on at this time of year, this job could be easily overlooked. This where the US Chesed / Kisharon silver polishing initiative has stepped in. 

A group of young men from Kisharon, who for several years have come to some United Synagogues to clean the silver plates, goblets and other silverware, continued their sterling work this year. They have already been to South Hampstead US, who were delighted with the job they did. So much so, they have decided to make a donation to Kisharon as a thank you. The group will also be visiting Belmont US and Mill Hill US this coming week. 

This year the group responsible for the polishing are Simcha Ballon, Moishe Goldblatt, Eliezer Chontow and Bezy Gluck. 

Members of the group hard at work

Moishe Goldblatt said: "We really enjoyed polishing the silver. I would like to thank Robert Speker (the support worker from Kisharon) and Ray Temple ( our silverware consultant)  for helping us with the silver polishing and look forward to doing it again next year, if not before then”. 

Robert Speker added: "The men worked very hard polishing the vast array of yads (pointers), breastplates and remonim (Torah crowns), leaving them gleaming for the Yomim Noraim. This scheme allows the men the opportunity to volunteer in a worthwhile activity which benefits the community. Such has been the interest from communities that the men are thinking of doing silver polishing as a weekly venture". 

Michelle Minsky, Head of US Chesed, commented: “We are so happy that, working with Kisharon, we have been able to offer this service to some of our synagogues. In the future, we hope that even more synagogues will be able to participate in this wonderful joint enterprise”.