Siddur Lakol

We are extremely proud to be launching a groundbreaking new siddur (prayer book) for adults and children with disabilities, both physical and learning.

Called Siddur Lakol, ‘A Siddur for Everyone’, the siddur features clear print with simplified translations and accessible transliteration of core prayers. It is the first ever orthodox prayer book to use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), a set of graphic icons to help those with autism spectrum conditions convey their thoughts and needs.

The use of PECS will offer a more meaningful prayer experience to those dependent on them. 

The siddur has been produced in partnership with JWeb working in collaboration with Gesher School and Kisharon and with the endorsement of Norwood and Langdon. 

The siddur will be produced in both A4 and A5 formats, providing options to support people with a wide range of disabilities. Larger font sizes will help people with visual disabilities and the larger edition may help people who find it difficult to hold and read smaller siddurim. 

We are also making available explanatory videos, so that our Rabbinic, service and school leaders can be familiar with techniques for best practice use of the siddur and provision of inclusivity services. 

The siddur has been made possible by the generous support of the Daniels family from the Pinner United Synagogue community, in order to honour the life of Sonya Daniels, their wife, mother and grandmother. Sonya Daniels was passionate about both Judaism and education throughout her life including working with children with diverse educational needs in school.  

The siddur is available to buy! You can order your copy by emailing


A5 - £12 per copy 1-14 copies

A5 - £10 over 15 copies

A4 - £18 per copy 1-14 copies


A4 - £15 over 15 copies


You can read more about the siddur, including quotes from our partners, by clicking here. And you can read a brilliant piece by Miriam Marson in the Jewish Chronicle by clicking here.

For any other enquires on Siddur Lakol please email