There's Something Fishy At Potters Bar
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Sunday 7th July 2013

Billed as a sushi evening, members of Potters Bar community enjoyed so much more when Rabbi Adam Hill gave a cookery demonstration.

The evening started with an entertaining talk and demonstration on how to check vegetables for bugs.

There was a recipe for a butterscotch pudding which was as impressive as it was quick and easy. Members were also treated to a demonstration of how to make the Rabbi’s speciality chocolate challah. Whilst it may sound that these foods should not cross paths, the result was spectacular. 

The evening culminated in making our own sushi. Whilst some people were instantly able to make professional looking pieces of sushi others quickly ate theirs to hide the evidence of their clumsy attempts of rolling rice and other ingredients in seaweed.

It was a fantastic event which married food, a Jewish favourite, and learning practical laws. Overall, the verdict was: two sushi rolls up!