We Are All Different: Inclusive Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide

The United Synagogue is committed to inclusion in all aspects of community life. As we aim to ensure that our communities thrive, it is vital that we continue to make our spaces welcoming, inclusive and engaging to all.

This publication offers suggestions that to help create a meaningful and welcoming simcha for people with varying abilities and challenges. It opens the discussion around a family's additional or particular needs.

It is important to remember that around 20% of the population have a disability, whether it is visible or not. If someone feels that they are not able to participate in an aspect of community life, this could prevent them and their whole family from attending.

Some parents may be concerned that their child with additional needs will not feel welcome or able to participate, or that there is some template way in which this milestone is to be recognised. We hope that this guide will “break the ice” for early communication with your Rabbi, Rebbetzen and lay leaders.

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For a printed copy of this guide, or for any other queries, please email inclusion@theus.org.uk