Saying Kaddish

Please note: due to Coronavirus restrictions, not all of our communities are open for services, nor are all members comfortable going to shul at this difficult time. Among the many hardships and painful experiences of the current restrictions, the inability of being able to say Kaddish is one of the most painful and ongoing challenges for many mourners. The United Synagogue has therefore introduced a Kaddish Pairing Project, through which Kaddish will be recited on your behalf by someone attending a legal Minyan. We will match your request with a volunteer who has agreed to say Kaddish at least once a day for one person or at least once a day on a Yahrtzeit. Please click here for more details.


Kaddish is a prayer which is recited during all daily, Shabbat and Jewish Festivals services. There are a few variants for different occasions and the mourners Kaddish is traditionally recited close to the end of each prayer service. A mourner should recite Kaddish three times a day in the presence of a minyan (10 men) during the first 11 months following the passing of a parent or one month for the passing of a spouse, child or sibling. Kaddish should also be recited annually on the Yahrzeit (anniversary of death).

The mourners kaddish has one additional sentence which translates to: “May there be great peace from heaven, and life for us and all Israel; and say, Amen."

As you can see, in a time of mourning, both the mourner and the congregation focus on the positives and this should help somewhat in comforting both the mourner and those who have lost their loved ones. 

There is a video below on how to say Kaddish.


Click here to download the mourner's Kaddish in Hebrew, English and transliteration. 

Click here to download Women Mourners: A Guide to Kaddish and Mourning